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Applying for an international expat health insurance plan can be difficult to do accurately without assistance. For proper assistance, we encourage you to connect with a licensed agent who focuses on this type of coverage. The agent can guide you to select the appropriate benefits to fit your expected needs and budget, and present a quote. *Your premium will not be impacted whether you work with an agent or through the insurance carrier directly, so having a knowledgeable licensed agent assist you and advocate for you in usually beneficial.

The process generally follows this protocol:

  • Submitting an Application - After accepting a quote, the applicant submits an application to the carrier, through the licensed agent.
  • Underwriting - The insurance carrier then reviews the application in a process known as medical underwriting. The underwriters may have additional questions or requests for the applicant.
  • Decision - The application can either be a) approved at quoted rate, b) approved with exclusions or a surcharge due to medical history, or c) declined due to medical history.
  • The applicant either aceepts, appeals, or declines the offer from the insurer.
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Can't I simply buy a health insurance plan from the country I will be living in?

Depending on the country you are residing in, you may have access to a national plan for a certain period of time, depending on your visa and how long you have resided in that country. You may also have access to private insurance in that country. In each case, your coverage will liekly be limited to care and treatment in that country alone, so you may not be covered if you travel outside of that country.

An international expat health insurance plan can cover you worldwide, encompassing your host country, other countries on your travels, and even your home country! There are some country exclusions, but the choice and flexibility provided by an international health plan is borad, enabling you to access care, treatment, and assistance wherever you may be.

Need assistance? For more information on international expat health insurance and our partner carriers, or to get a quote and work with a licensed Wanderwell advisor/agent, please visit Wanderwell at https://gowanderwell.com/global-citizen-plans.

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