You have been living, or are planning to live, outside of your home country. Perhaps you had to come back due to the current global health crisis, or maybe you are unable to return to your home country.

The excitement of living abroad is often due to the unknown of the adventure and novelty of a new home, which can be accompanied by uncertainties. Health care is one of those uncertainties, and international health insurance plans are designed to bring peace of mind to expats in times of uncertainty. We're sharing five good, relevant reasons for solo expats and expat families to applying for, and enroll in an international major medical health insurance plan can help you to be prepared for expected, unexpected, and emergency care while living abroad.

1. Medical Benefits for Standard Care & Pandemics

For protection and resources to keep you safe in these unstable time for global health, the international major medical plans that we you apply for should include the following resources:

  • COVID-19 Testing - medically-necessary, prescribed diagnostic testing for the virus, known officially as COVID-19, consistent with U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. (*copays may apply)
  • COVID-19 Treatment should be covered as an illness under the policy within normal terms and conditions.
  • Telemedicine benefits to help reduce potential exposure, and to create more flexible diagnostic and treatment options.

2. Emergency Assistance

International health insurance carriers employ global health and safety teams, often referred to as global assistance, with services available 24/7/365 for enrolled members to access medical professionals and emergency assistance. International or expat health insurance plans typically cover services such as ambulance charges, evacuation to the nearest adequate facility, treatment and care received. Some plans even cover the cost to have a loved one travel to be by your side.

3. Global Coverage (almost) & Provider Networks

There are many carriers offering international/expat health insurance plans. An important benefit of these carriers is the access members have to a global provider network. Such networks consist of contracted hospitals, clinics, doctors, and pharmacies. These providers should be vetted and verified by the carrier, so you can have the confidence and comfort in having quality care accessible to you. Most international major medical plans can include options for you to include coverage globally except for your origin/home country, which can bring cost savings in premium, but can limit your benefits.

4. Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

International/Expat major medical plans need to be applied for. The applications go through a medical underwriting review, so approval of the application can depend on your medical history. Depending on your medical history, your application could be approved with some exclusions, and care for a pre-existing condition could be excluded. However, in many, and perhaps most cases, plans will include various levels of coverage for pre-existing conditions. Prior to seeking care for planned treatment, make sure you are covered by your international/expat health insurance policy.

5. Comprehensive Coverage

Each expat has different priorities related to their health care. Work with an experienced, licensed advisor/agent to assist you in applying for the appropriate plan and preparing you with appropriate expectations. Most plans should cover preventive care (annual exams/check-ups) and emergency care fairly comprehensively. Maternity care can often be included after you have been enrolled in the plan for twelve consecutive months. Deductible options and benefit maximums can vary. Riders, such as prescription drug coverage, wellness benefits, dental care, and more can be added. Each different combination of benefits can impact the monthly premium.

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